Other Underwater Services

Do you need an underwater expert? You have come to the right place. Virginia Beach Dive Services has underwater divers to help you discover what is beneath the surface, providing underwater services in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Hampton, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, and other areas of Hampton Roads, VA.

  • Underwater metal detection
  • Underwater search
  • Underwater discovery services

Our experienced divers perform underwater metal detection, underwater searches and can lead or join discovery missions. For example, if you are seeking underwater obstructions that may have damaged your boat or caused an injury, we can help you find it. We have state-of-the-art equipment to find underwater objects. We use our underwater metal detectors to find sunk and missing watercraft, no matter the size. For the adventurer, there may be items half-buried in the bay or ocean floor that we can help you find and raise.

Have you lost something overboard that you must have back? We will do our best to find it. We will need a general area in which to search. Give us a call sooner rather than later, before the currents carry it away or cause it to shift positions. Whether it is a yacht, boat or other watercraft, our underwater specialists excel at narrowing down where to look. We have special breathing and illuminating equipment to perform high quality, thorough underwater operations. Our divers are experienced and insured.

Our underwater services include anything beneath the water’s surface, no matter the depth. Whether the water is hip high and muddy or many feet deep and clear, we have the equipment and personnel to find what you are looking for. Whether you need divers in the Atlantic Ocean, Chesapeake Bay, Elizabeth River or Intracoastal Waterway, we are equipped to handle underwater searches in both salt water and fresh water. We also work in local tributaries and marinas that feed into or out of them. We search in and along the many rivers and creeks running through Hampton Roads including Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Hampton, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, and the surrounding coastal areas of Virginia.

Contact us today to talk about your special needs for our underwater services.