Propeller Services

Propellers are one of the most delicate exterior parts of any boat. VB Dive Services takes special care of propellers by providing propeller services that include:

  • Propeller inspection
  • Propeller cleaning
  • Propeller repairs
  • Propeller replacement

We have been a one-stop shop for quality propeller inspection and repairs in Hampton Roads since 1986 and nowadays serve customers in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Hampton, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Suffolk and surrounding cities of Hampton Roads, Virginia.

Propeller Inspection

Propeller inspection can be performed during monthly hull maintenance, boat inspection or anytime you think there might be a problem. Whether you have run aground or are just getting her ready for the season, we will do propeller cleaning, propeller repairs and, if needed, propeller replacement.

Propeller Cleaning

We use special MRI equipment to make sure your propeller is in top shape. If it is worn, cracked or chipped, we will let you know. Our experienced team will examine your propeller and carefully clean it of any build-up. If you are having problems, give us a call or let us come to you for propeller inspection.

We handle both outboard and stern drive propellers. We clean and service boats used in saltwater and/or freshwater. Saltwater can be especially harsh on propellers, and we check them over carefully to make sure they are in good repair. As part of our propeller services, we inspect zinc anodes, bearings and other parts for corrosion and damage as well.

Propeller Repair and Replacement

In the event of a boating mishap we can do a thorough inspection of your propeller. Whether you have run aground, become tangled in netting or hit an underwater object, our experts can perform diagnosis, repair and even replacement of boat propeller if necessary. We can adjust the prop’s pitch, number of blades or change the diameter. If your boat propeller cannot be accessed above the water, our divers will take care of it from underneath. It can often be serviced on-site. If not, our technicians can remove it, repair it and return it when it is ready.

Contact us today at 757-288-7015 to talk about your special needs for our propeller services in the Mid-Atlantic coastal region of Hampton Roads. We are proud to have satisfied customers in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Hampton, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Newport News and other cities of Hampton Roads, Virginia and offer them top quality propeller services.