Hull Cleaning

At Virginia Beach Dive Services, we understand the importance of a clean hull. We do a thorough job of cleaning the bottom of your boat so it runs efficiently and lasts longer.

Underwater Hull Cleaning

Every boat kept in the waters of Hampton Roads is exposed to marine life that attaches itself to the underwater boat hull and begins to grow. During the warmer months, algae, slime and barnacles accumulate quickly, affecting your boat’s performance. Its engine has to work harder, burning more fuel and taxing the motor and propeller. If the problem goes untreated, it can even affect instrument readings.

Regular underwater boat hull cleaning is the most efficient way to keep hull equipment in top shape and free of debris. Most boats are specially coated with paint that deters underwater growth of marine life. It is more effective on some boats than others depending on hull displacement, where they are moored, how often they are used, how fast they run and where boaters go on their excursions.

Hull Cleaning Services

Our professional divers take underwater hull cleaning seriously and perform hull services ranging from basic cleaning and scrubbing of the outer surface of the boat to using special power washing equipment for debris removal. Underwater boat hull cleaning must be done more frequently in the summer months, and only once or twice over the winter depending on the amount of build-up that accumulates.

At Virginia Beach Dive Services, hull cleaning experts do a thorough job. We come in and scrape all of the boat’s running gear. This includes the propellers, shafts, struts and rudders. We perform a boat hull cleaning and hull repainting as needed and also check and see if zinc anodes need replacement. Our customers are provided with reports on any visual damage or other issues present.

Additional services we offer include boat maintenance, boat delivery and transportation, yacht management and propeller repair. We also provide diving services to customers in the entire Hampton Roads, Virginia area, including Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Hampton, Suffolk, Newport News and Portsmouth. Contact us today at 757-288-7015 to talk about your special needs for our boat inspection, underwater boat cleaning and hull cleaning services.