Boat Inspection

Virginia Beach Dive Service carries out a thorough boat inspection from stem to stern for a variety of reasons. We check the interior, exterior, engine and accessories of inboard and outboard motor boats. We also inspect sailboats, yachts and nearly anything that should float. Whether you know you have a problem or are just looking for peace of mind before an excursion, our mechanics will give it a thorough and professional review.

Boat Inspection: Seaworthiness

If you are thinking about purchasing a used boat and want to make sure it is what you think you are getting give us a call. We can set up a complete vessel inspection for you very quickly. We also do inspections at the beginning of the boating season. Our experienced professionals will give it a careful once-over to make sure it is seaworthy. We carefully check for sound hull structure and solid seams. We make sure it will not only float, but get you where you are going without any problems. We do an exterior underwater boat inspection, as well as an onboard look at the hull’s interior surface. If you need a report for personal use or your insurance company, we can provide a professional point-by-point compilation of all findings and recommendations.

Boat Inspection: Electrical and Mechanical Systems

At Virginia Beach Dive Service, we do an in-depth test of all mechanical and electrical systems. We use advanced diagnostic equipment to pinpoint any and all problem areas. Whether your boat is powered by gasoline, diesel or sails, Virginia Beach Dive Service will inspect, diagnose and fix your vessel. We do both steering and propeller checks for function and efficiency.

Boat Inspection: Engines

Before your first outing of the season, we do a complete engine inspection on the motor and all of its parts. We can do any repairs necessary. We make sure your vessel not only runs, but runs well without leaks in seals or attachments. All fluid levels are checked and filled. Cracked or swollen hoses and clamps are replaced. Connections are inspected for corrosion and tightness on all cables and wires.

Boat Inspection: Collisions

If your vessel has been in a collision, scrape or other mishap, we can take a look and tell you about the damage. We do underwater boat bottom inspections for structural and cosmetic problems. If you can’t come to us, we can come to you. Our experienced staff also handles minor salvage operations if needed. If your vessel has run aground or been stranded, we can get you moving with underwater services and repairs. Our propeller experts will have you boating again in no time.

Boat Inspection: Prevention

Our preventive maintenance inspections can give you peace of mind. We can do zinc replacement of pitted and corroded components. We check hull build-up of barnacles, algae, mussels and crusty debris that affect fuel efficiency and instrument readings. We can find and fix the minor issues before they become big problems.

Contact us today to talk about your special needs for our boat inspection services.