Boat Cleaning Services

Our professional staff cleans your boat’s interior and exterior. We do topside detailing. This includes washing and buffing. We also clean the boat’s exterior. Our experienced divers do underwater boat cleaning services, such as boat hull cleaning and propeller cleaning.

Regular Boat Cleaning

Regular use of your boat requires regular cleaning. Prolonged exposure to salt air, sand and saltwater in the Hampton Roads region causes corrosion and shortens the lifespan of your boat’s surfaces. After boating, it’s wise to hose down the deck and ladders to lessen the corrosive effects of the salt and sand.

When you don’t have the time or the energy or the ability to do it, VB Dive Services can take care of it for you. As part of our boat cleaning services, we wash and buff your boat. We clean the seats carefully and treat canvas, vinyl and plastic surfaces as needed so they shine. We can also do seat and bench repairs if necessary.

VB Dive Services cleans glass, fiberglass and plastic surfaces of salty build-up and gritty film that prevents a clear view through your windows and makes your boat look dirty. If there was an accidental spill on board that will be tough to clean, give us a call. We will take care of it and restore your boat to its beautiful condition whenever possible.

Underwater Boat Cleaning

While we love to make the topside of your boat shine, we also know the importance of keeping the exterior both above and below the waterline in excellent condition. We rid the boat’s exterior surface of all grime, algae and marine life. Regular boat cleaning and maintenance will prolong the life of your boat.

Our professional Hampton Roads underwater diving team will scrape the boat hull, inspect and clean propellers. We remove barnacles, clams, mussels, algae, slime, dirt, sand sea grasses, plants and anything that does not belong on the bottom of your boat. If it can prevent top engine performance or affect the lifespan of your boat, we clean it off. We also offer boat transportation, painting services for your boat, propeller repairs and other underwater services if needed.

Contact VB Dive Services today at 757-288-7015 to talk about your special needs for boat cleaning.